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Sauce vessel (cooking, cooling)

Terlet Sauce Vessel

The Terlet sauce vessel is equipped with bottom driven agitators. This type of tank is specifically designed for cooling and cooking processes in various markets, such as sauce, soup, ready meal and pie fill production.

Benefits Sauce Vessel

Sauce vessel

The Terlet sauce vessel has full access and a hygienic design. In general, it requires low maintenance and obtains extremely fast cooking and cooling results. For non pumpable products, all vessels can be supplied in tiltable execution also. Click here to see an animation of the tiltable sauce vessel.

Benefits sauce tank when cooking

A few benefits of this sauce vessel when utilized in a cooking process:

  • Fast heating times
  • Split dimple pressure jacket for cooking small batches
  • Wall and bottom surface scraped for optimal heat transfer
  • Special agitator for intensive, yet gentle mixing action resulting in a more homogeneous end product
  • Sloping bottom prevents product loss
  • No dead corners
  • No seals or bearings in contact with product
  • Homogenizing through optional homogenizer in vessel
  • Motor placed below product, no risk of oil or paint contamination

Sauce vessel

Benefits sauce vessel when cooling

A selection of benefits when utilized in a cooling process:

  • Cooling with central inner cylinder which means very fast cooling times
  • No fat separation
  • Motor placed below product, no risk of oil or paint contamination
  • Vacuum / pressure execution optional, with:
- Hermetically closed
- No contamination in critical cooling phase
- No transport pump needed