Terlet provides solutions for all sorts of (liquid) food processing, such as:

Tasteful Technology

Terlet is an experienced specialist in developing and manufacturing high quality food processing machineries and food processing systems. Many years of experience as a food processing equipment supplier makes Terlet a well-known and reliable partner. Customers can be found worldwide among multinationals as well as local companies. 

Our focus

For all customers within the food, pharma and chemical markets Terlet focusses on:

  • design and manufacturing of innovative food (filling) processing equipment
  • process optimization of solid and liquid food processing production processes
  • after sales

Know-how and flexibility

Terlet's team of professional engineers not only understand machines and process designs, but also have a good know-how of customer's products and how they are manufactured.

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The latest Terlet cooker/cooler, THE MEGATHERM

The Megatherm cools your viscous product twice as fast thus doubles your production capacity. Click here for more information.

Afbeelding: Megatherm a

Yet again our team successfully delivered a number of Terlotherms®

Our customer in Poland will use these Terlotherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers of the type Delta 450 to process fruit. The Terlotherm® design ensures low pressure build in the process line, even with several heat exchangers in-line. This ensures the most optimal quality of the processed product. 

Afbeelding: TERLET Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchangers SSHE