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ProXES Group acquires Dutch Processing Equipment Manufacturer Terlet N.V.

ProXES GmbH, the operational holding company of the ProXES Group, enlarges the group product portfolio by acquiring Dutch machinery manufacturer Terlet N.V. from Stegel Holding B.V. Terlet is well-known for its components and systems for liquid food and dairy processing, such as the highly competitive heat exchanger Terlotherm® and sizes its unique experiences from the last fruitful decades.

The ProXES Group combines leaders in process technology. ProXES already includes Stephan Machinery GmbH (Hameln, Germany) and the FrymaKoruma Group (Rheinfelden, Switzerland; Neuenburg, Germany). These companies own strong brands in food processing, and in pharmaceutical and health-care technologies. As from 1st July 2015, Stephan Machinery, FrymaKoruma and Terlet head into a shared future with the common goal of leading the worldwide expertise for batch-centered and continuous processing technology with a combined market share well above 100 million Euros.

Founded in 1917, Zutphen-based Terlet is known as the leading expert for scraped surface heat exchangers (Terlotherm®) and well-experienced in designing and manufacturing high-end process components (such as processing vessels) and integrated systems. Stephan Machinery and FrymaKoruma are already implementing Terlotherm® technology within its engineered line concepts. Following the new structure, Terlet will gain unlimited access to ProXES’ core competences of process engineering, integrated automation capabilities, and high value services.

Since years, Terlet successfully follows its multinational customers into their worldwide markets. The existing sales and service network of ProXES is eager to serve all international customers with enhanced collaboration and on a closer approach. By means of a clear focus on process technology a stronger market position of Terlet, FrymaKoruma and Stephan Machinery will be reached under the ProXES organisation.

"As part of Stibbe Management Group we were able to gain significant growth potential with our sister companies in machinery", recalled Wilfried Koopman, CEO of Terlet, pensively reflecting on the previous successes. "Nowadays we, at Terlet, are eager to partner with ProXES on professional processing technology that goes far beyond machinery and that stresses our ambition to produce world leading solutions for our clients."

Olaf Pehmöller, CEO of ProXES Group, is delighted to have Terlet as new manufacturing partner involved: "FrymaKoruma and Stephan Machinery are already taking significant steps forward. We are pleased to welcome Terlet to our group, sharing the prosperous drive of close cooperation and once again enhancing the standards in process technology industry to the good of our customers."

"Terlet has made good progress during its time within Stibbe Management for the last years. We are happy to offer Terlet customers and employees a promising future within an association specializing on process technology", summarizing Philip Stibbe, Founder and CEO of Stibbe Management, the approach of ProXES.