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Terlet Technology Centre

Terlet Technology Centre

Welcome to the Terlet Technology Centre, our pilot plant to test your products and production processes. A perfect instrument to gain and explore experience on our equipment. The Terlet Technology Centre is built for the requirements of today, according to modern rules of hygiene, food safety and food processing in general. Utilities, such as steam and glycol are available on such a scale that not only pilot plant scale tests can be done, but also skid mounted equipment can produce products in “real life scale”.

The available equipment enables us to perform most production processes within:

  • Fruit processing
  • Dairy (desserts, crème patisserie, rice, crystallization, emulsions)
  • Sauce (salsa, curries, Mexican type etc.)
  • Emulsified sauces (mayonnaise, dressings, spreads)
  • Soups
  • Ready meals

Equipment is available for:
Mixing, Homogenizing/dispersion, Cooking (indirect and direct, batch and continuous), Cooling (also aseptic; indirect and vacuum; batch and continuous) and Filling (aseptic Bag-in-Box)

It is not only possible to test your products with our machines we can do a lot more for you. It is also possible to do feasibility studies, product innovation and scaling up from laboratory-scale to production-scale.

Visit our website for an 360° overview of our little process line in the Terlet Technology Centre and we hope to see you soon in our technology centre.

Afbeelding: Terlet Testruimte front.