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Vacuum gassing refurbishment

Vacuum gassing equipment refurbishing

Terlet has been producing vacuum-gassing systems since the 1950’s and even the automatic version has been on the market for over 40 years. After 35-40 years of operation, refurbishment may be necessary for a vacuum gassing system.

Our factory is fully equipped to perform a refurbishment on your dated system. However, a refurbisment on site is also possible.

After receiving the dated system, it is fully stripped, cleaned and repainted. The sysem is then built up again and a new can loading and discharging system is added. New controls with PLC, touch panel and frequency controllers are installed, based on Siemens or Allan Bradley, as required, with communication through ethernet with other equipment in line and a VPN router for remote assistance.

In addition, safety is an important issue and depending on the lay-out of the system, Terlet can install safety fences.

After transport, erection and commissioning on site your refurbished system is, once again, good to go for an other generation.