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Type B100

Van Meurs type B100

The Van Meurs B100 is a semi automatic filling machine designed for Bag-in-Box filling of liquids. The Van Meurs B100 functions automatically except for the bag feeding, which is done manually. Removal of the closure, the filing itself and placing the closure back is carried out fully automatically.

The B100 Bag-in-Box filling machine is suitable to fill various bag-in-box packagings with volumes of up to 25 litres, having all common closures. The Van Meurs B100 is equipped with a multifunctional roller conveyor, which ensures bag filling both in the box and separate from the box.

Features Van Meurs B100


The Van Meurs B100 has standard presettings to fill bags and buckets. Besides, larger volumes are possible. The desired volume can be easily set on a display by an operator. Thanks to an accurate flow measurement it is possible to fill with high accuracy.

Technical characteristics

  • An inductive high-speed metering tube (other systems are optional).
  • Control by means of a Siemens S7 PLC with display, showing all relevant information.
  • CIP capable, CIP return coupling including.
  • Standard universal roller conveyor, adjustable in height and direction.
  • Suitable for filling 1 up to 25 litres with all common closures.
  • Filling possible on volume and based on time.
  • Dosing valve for accurate filling.
  • Repeatability accuracy between ±0.1 and ±0.5% depending on bag size.
  • Machine parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 1.4404/AISA 316L

Advantages Van Meurs B100

The Van Meurs B100 filling machine has many advantages. As mentioned above, it is possible to work with all conventional bag-in-box brands and all common closure systems. In addition, the B100:

  • Is easy to control
  • Has very low operational costs
  • Is flexible with regard to the use of different types of packaging
  • Has a very accurate dosing system, preventing spillage
  • Has built-in automatic control functions, which monitors the filling process
  • Has a filling capacitiy of 2.5 L/sec, approx. 270 bags per hour.