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Type B200

Van Meurs type B200

The Van Meurs B200 is a semi automatic filling machine designed for aseptic Bag-in-Box filling of liquids. Similar to the Van Meurs B100, the Van Meurs B200 runs fully automatically. Removing the closure, filling and placing the closure back occur automatically. The bag feeding, however, is done manually.

Features Van Meurs B200

Van Meurs B200C filling machine

With the Van Meurs B200 it is possible to fill a bag directly in the box or separate from the box. The B200 is capable to fill volumes of up to 1200 litres. 

A multifunctional filling machine

The Van Meurs B200 is a multifunctional filling machine designed to fill small and large volumes Bag-in-Box, Bag-in-Drum, buckets and sterile containers.  Small volumes can be filled by using a small roll conveyor on which the bags are placed. To switch over to large volume bags, the roll conveyor can be easily removed without the need of any tools.

The B200's excellent mechanical design together with its very accurate PLC control system eliminates the need for chemicals and requires a very mimimum use of steam. Because of the controlled filling process, the shelf-life of even the most senstive liquid foodstuffs can be extended considerably.

Technical characteristics B200

  • A membrane dosing valve with adjustable stroke limitation for very accurate filling.
  • Endress & Hauser DN25 inductive high-speed metering tube type Promag.
  • Control by a Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens display mounted in the upper cabinet.
  • CIP cleanable and steam sterilisable.
  • A quickly interchangeable grab for the bag closure.
  • Suitable to handle bag closures with and without pre-closing position.
  • Steam or inert gas injection into the filled bag as well as the bag closure.
  • Repeatability accuracy between ±0.1 and ±0.5% depending on bag size.
  • Machine parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel 1.4404/AISI 316L.

Advantages Van Meurs B200

The Van Meurs B200 has built-in automatic control functions, enabling precise monitoring of the filling process. Other advantages of the Van Meurs B200:

  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Easy operation and control
  • Different types of packages can be used.
  • Can handle all conventional bag-in-box brands.
  • All closure systems.
  • Very accurate dosing system, which prevents spillage.
  • Comprehensive and convenient service with troubleshooting over a modem connection.
  • High filling capacity at a flow rate of 2.5 L/sec, being approx. 270 bags per hour.