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Mayonnaisse, dressings and ketchup

Mayonnaisse, dressings and ketchup

Terlet builds and designs production lines for mayonnaise and dressing in all possible oil contents. The lines consist of a thermal section, where either starch base can be cooked and cooled, as well as an emulisifying section, where the emulsion is prepared and in case of low fat products, the starch base and emulsion are mixed.

The thermal section consists of a vacuum premix tank, buffer tanks and the unique Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchangers.

This section has all the equipment for preparing cooked and cooled sauces such as ketchup, salsa and barbeque sauce, this part of the line can operate as “red sauces” line on its own.

Also, the emulsifying section “leans on” strong components made within our group of companies. The required shear to break up the oil phase in droplets, is done by a FrymaKoruma in-line rotor stator homogenisers.

For high fat products, such as full fat mayonnaise, the emulsifying part of the line is able to operate on it's own, allowing the thermal section to produce “red sauces” simultaneously.