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Jams and jam like products

Jams and jam like products

Terlet has developed an unique vacuum cooker which provides extreme short cooking times without using any mechanical force for convection, such as an agitator.

A steam register, consisting of one central pipe with a large diameter and numerous smaller diameter pipes surrounding it, create a convection under vacuum conditions that resembles the streaming velocities of the Niagara falls.

A combination of gentle, efficient premixing and preheating in the Terlet MMR tanks and the gentle buffering in the horizontal fruit buffer tanks, create a jam production system that delivers jams with natural color and taste, that have no match in the industry.

Batch system

The jam production system described above consist of minimum two stages: pre-mixing and cooking. Jams only reach their high viscosity in the jar, when pectin is setting. A jam production line, for this, is dealing with a thin base with fruit parts. The jam cooking system is restricted in viscosity upon cooking, which, logically is no objection for true jams. The Terlet batch jam cooking system mixes and cooks in one step and doesn’t have a viscosity restriction. Although evaporation won’t be as fast as in the vacuum cooker with pipe section, the heat exchanging, ribbon shaped agitator contributes to a quick and gentle cooking and evaporation.