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Crystallization tank

Crystallization tanks

Terlet’s crystallization tanks are used for lactose production and pre-crystallization for the preparation of non-hygroscopic whey powder. This type of tank ensure maximum yield, optimum mixing and a minimum variation in crystal size.

In a crystallization tank, the lactose in concentrated whey crystallizes with continuous supersaturating of the lactose obtained in the solution during cooling. With regard to the non-hygroscopic whey powder the lactose crystallizes at a constant temperature. Terlet's crystallization tanks are highly suitable for these processes.

Beneficial design

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Depending on your specific process and product we offer two designs for crystallization. The tradtional top driven tank or the Terlet-specific bottom driven design.

Top driven design

The crystallization tank with a top-driven stirring mechanism is used to produce a homogeneous distribution of the crystals in the concentrated whey.

This type of tank offers the following benefits when used as a pre-crystallisation tank for whey powder:

  • Optimum mixing action
  • Even cooling produces regular crystal structure
  • Hygienic design

Bottom driven design

When preparing lactose, large differences between the temperatures of the medium and the product during the cooling process need to be avoided. Our crystallization tank with bottom drive has a inner cylinder that also takes part in the cooling process. Because of that, even cooling is achieved in this part of the tank.

In brief, these crystallization tanks offer the following advantages in lactose production:

  • Optimum mixing action
  • No damage to crystals
  • Even cooling also from the centre of the tank
  • Maximum cooling surface resulting in large regular crystals
  • Hygienic design