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Megatherm cooker/cooler

In many production processes, cooling is the bottleneck for the production capacity. Based on the successful bottom driven batch vessel, Terlet developed a processing vessel that cools products twice as fast as a regular cooling vessel.

In this way we offer perfect balance for your total batch process cycle by combining a Terlet cooker and the Megatherm.

The Megatherm comes in the following standards 600, 1200 and 2000 litres.


  • Traceability due to batch process
  • Fast cooling (1/2 the cooling time)
  • High product quality (gentle handling)
  • Heating by means of steam or water (optional)
  • Flexible recipe change


  • Pressure execution
  • Vacuum execution
  • Media valves and measurement
  • Additional sensors (level switch/ transmitter)
  • Sight glass with wiper and light
  • Complete openable lid (vessel execution)
  • Controls

Example of cooling time for sauce