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(MMR) Process tank (heating, mixing)

Food Processing Tank (MMR)

The MMR is a food processing tank that is especially applied in a combined heating and mixing process. This type of tank is widely used in fruit, dairy and soup preparation.

Process applications

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Typical applications of Terlet’s MMR process tank:

  • Soup processing, preparation of sauces or ragouts
  • Preparation of marmalade, fruit bake fillings, fruit preparation
  • Dairy: mixing cream, fruit or herbs into curds and soft cheese

These types of products ask for efficient mixing without damaging ingredients such as mushrooms, meat or whole pieces of fruit. At the same time, cooking needs to be done without causing the product to burn and stick to the side. Terlet’s MMR process tank guarantees both in its combined heating/mixing process.

Features & benefits

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The MMR is a top-driven processing tank and has a conical bottom and central outlet. Its agitator mechanism design allows satisfactory stirring and mixing actions.


  • Optimum mixing, even with thin soups containing meat pieces and vegetables.
  • Product solids are kept intact.
  • Fast heating thanks to its favorable heat transfer design.