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Sauce vessel (cooking, cooling)

Terlet Sauce Tanks and Vessels

The Terlet sauce vessel is equipped with bottom driven agitators. This type of vessel is specifically designed for cooling and cooking processes in various markets, such as sauce, soup, ready meal and pie fill production.

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The Terlet sauce vessel has full access and a hygienic design. In general, it requires low maintenance and obtains extremely fast cooking and cooling results. For non pumpable products, all vessels can be supplied in a tiltable execution. 

Benefits tanks and vessels when cooking

  • Fast heating 
  • Split dimple jacket for cooking small batches
  • Wall and bottom surface scraped for optimal heat transfer
  • Special agitator for intensive, yet gentle mixing action resulting in a more homogeneous end product
  • Sloping bottom prevents product loss
  • No dead corners
  • No seals or bearings in contact with product
  • Dissolving/homogenizing for optional top flange mixer
  • Motor placed below product, no risk of oil or paint contamination
  • Pressure execution optional

Sauce vessel

Benefits sauce tanks and vessel when cooling

  • Cooling with central inner cylinder for fast cooling 
  • No fat separation
  • Vacuum execution optional

Tiltable sauce vessel

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Terlet has designed a tiltable vessel which is due to its design very suitable for production of ready meals, sauces and ragouts.
The bottom driven mixer with bottom and side scrapers and also the diagonal design gives the vessel an excellent mixing effect. These measurements provide an extreme heat or cool exchange.


  • Most products can be kept homogenic through the diagonal design.
  • The tiltable effect has made production of viscose products like stew, noodles or rice easy.
  • The vessel is equipped with an easy control panel to control the mixer, tilting and temperature.
  • It can be designed from volumes from 50 liters upto 1500 liters.
  • Pressure of vacuum design is optional.