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Advantages Terlotherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

The Terlotherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger has major advantages compared to other SSHE systems. Terlet combines (conventional) heat transfer techniques, together with its own unique design features, such as the Terlotherm bottom driven design. This Scraped Heat Exchanger offers many benefits for an efficient heat transfer in complex products.

Large heating area on limited floor space:

  • Two concentric heat exchange surfaces to provide optimum heat transfer
  • Efficient heat transfer by continuous scraping entire surface

No damage to product:    

  • Gentle scraping action
  • Low back pressure
  • Low scraper speed
  • Continuous scraping entire heat exchange surface to prevent burning/freezing
  • Tangential inlet/outlet
  • Acceleration and deceleration area
  • Particulates up to 1"

Easy maintenance and inspection:    

  • Only one seal and one drive
  • Scrapers can be easily removed
  • Leak detection device (electronic sensor optional)
  • Easy accessible
  • No shaft through top cover, bottom driven agitator
  • Inspection and replacing scrapers without disturbing seal or removing agitator
  • Motor gearbox below product level

Highest quality materials:    

  • All product contacting parts FDA approved
  • Solid duplex stainless steel heat exchange surfaces, optional SMO
  • High quality food approved detectable scrapers
  • Detectable gasket material

Cleanable In Place (CIP):

  • Easy access for visual inspection
  • No dead zones or difficult places where product can accumulate
  • USDA