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Principles and Features

Features Terlotherm Scraped Heat Exchanger

The Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) has special design features which makes it ideal for heating and cooling products that impair good heat transfer.

This scraped surface heat exchanger easily processes different types products, such as yoghurt fruit, soups, sauces, eggs, fudge or mascara and other products and applications.

Optimum heat transfer design

The Terlotherm is of a vertical design, with two concentric heat exchange surfaces to provide optimum heat transfer. Because of that, the Terlotherm SSHE:

  • Has large heat exchange area
  • Takes up little floor space

Due to the bottom driven design the shaft enters the product area at the top of the inner cylinder. There is no shaft going through the top lid. This results in no product contanimation. Besides, having only one seal (one bearing) makes the Terlotherm easy to maintain. No special hydraulic system is required to take out the scrapers.

Suitable for high pressure processes

Many processes like f.e. when processing milk powder processing, hummus purees, high pressures occur in the product area. Due to its standard design is up to 10 bar product pressure, the Terlotherm is perfectly suitable for these heavy duty processes.

The Terlotherm Delta 450 is even available in a 15 bar version as an option.

Perfect Scraping Design

Processing particles

The Terlotherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE) utilizes low pressures and low rpm’s, but still maintains the same tips speeds of the scraper blades. It enables products to be handled without causing damage to the product, even if it contains whole fruit pieces or vegetables up to 25mm. More advantages...

Detectable gasket material

Terlet realizes that foreign body detection and traceability is becoming more and more important in the food industry. To keep up with customer requirements Terlet developed a complete range of metal detectable gaskets for the Terlotherm scraped surface heat exchanger. The detectable gasket material is in compliance with the EC1935/2004 and the 21CFR177.2600 guidelines. The gaskets can even be retrofitted on the oldest Terlotherm models. This new product line complements the recently launched detectable scraper blades making the Terlotherm the number one SSHE when it comes to food safety.


The Terlotherm has been dairy and poultry certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The certificated states that the Terlotherm hygienic design is suitable for use in dairy plants that are approved for the USDA Dairy Plant Survey program as well as for use in poultry plants that are approved for the USDA Poultry Plant Survey program. The certification applies for the Terlotherm models Delta 50_100_150_200_450_700.