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The Terlet vacuum-gassing systems consists of an automatic loading and unloading system, one to four water-cooled vacuum pumps and an operating and control unit. Every step in the process is electronically operated and controlled.

Controlled and careful transport

In the design of our vacuum-gassing systems, we have devoted greatest care to the prevention of driving, pushing, bumping and chafing of your products. In all transport phases, even during loading and unloading of the vacuum chambers, every product is continuously on a moving surface. It is nowhere propelled forward by the cans following it. Besides, we choose material with an extreme low friction for the side guides.

Vacuum chamber with rotating floor

The loading system carefully transports a controlled number of products to each of the vacuum chambers. Depending on the desired capacity, Terlet applies two sizes of vacuum chambers with a diameter of 1250 mm or 1700 mm respectively, with a vertically opening and closing chamber. This design guarantees the prevention of undesired air turbulence and minimizes the use of inert gas.

The floor of a vacuum chamber consists of a rotating tray with a non-rotating product guide, shaped in a concentric spiral. During loading, the floor tray rotates so that the cans completely fill the spiral. After the programmed vacuumizing and gassing, the floor rotates in the opposite direction, placing the cans automatically on the conveyor belt, which takes the cans to the sealing machine, where the lids are hermetically sealed.

PLC Controlled

A PLC and specific software are the heart of the operating and control system, to which detailed registration of the process can be linked. All the operating functions are shown in a menu on a LCD screen, that also visualise problems. The system is accompanied with the necessary interface options for other machines in the packaging line. The software has an open set-up that makes expansions or adjustment easy.

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